Salary of the Vice President of India

The warrant of precedence of the Government of India gives second place to the Vice President of India, just after the President. This post is actually envisioned by the Constitution for the person who holds the chairmanship of the Rajya Sabha – Upper House. And, most importantly, if the President (the Executive Head to the Government of India) dies, resigns or unable to function his/her duty, the Vice President of India bears the responsibility of the President.

When we look at the salary and emoluments of the Vice President, one striking point come out is the fact that the Vice President doesn’t get salary for this post. Actually, he gets the salary for doing duty of the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. His salary slip also mentions the same fact. In fact, there is no executive function of the Vice President as such. In the USA, the Vice President gets salary for discharging the duty of the office of the Vice President. Further, if the Vice President of India gets the charge of the President due to any reasons, he gets salary for the President, not as the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. In this case, he is also entitled to the complete privileges that the Constitution and various statutes of the Parliament offer to the President. The Constitution of India also doesn’t say any word about the salary of the Vice President of India.

Current Salary of the Vice President of India

Currently, the salary of the Vice President of India is fixed. It is Rs. 1, 25, 000. As you might know, in 2008, the Parliament of India has approved the enhancement of the salaries of the Vice President, President and State Governors. Since, then the salary of the Vice President has remained the same. However, it is the perks and other facilities that the Vice Presidents gets which is attractive. He/she is entitled for the best class bungalow (A- Class) in the Lutyen’s Bungalow Zone of Delhi, free telephone/mobile and health facilities and a team of personal security officers, among others.
Pension of the Vice President of India

According to the law passed by the Parliament of India, the Vice President gets pension of the half of the salary of the current Vice President. It means, all retired Vice President are current getting Rs. 62500 per month. He is also entitled for security (as assessed by the intelligence agencies), official bungalow, a team of support staffs, etc.
The Vice President and his/her spouse is also entitled for the free accommodation for his entire life.