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Top 10 Books for IAS Preparation

Gone are the days when one needs to seat with bundles of books to prepare for UPSC Civil Services and Other State Civil Services Examination. The pattern has changed. The questions have become analytic. Conceptual clarity is required to write answers. Mugging up may not suffice your needs.
Relevance is the key. You need to develop a habit of weeding out unnecessary stuffs. We all are being bombarded with information these days. That is why the contemporary time is called information age. You need to be alert and develop a habit of identifying relevant stuffs.
Following are some books which you must read for UPSC Civil Services Examination or PSCs. There is absolutely no option of some books. For example, Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth is one book which you can avoid at your own peril.
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Indian Polity:
Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination by M. La…

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